Text over SIP Trunking

How are companies using text over their business SIP lines? Let's dive right in

The Benefits


One of the benefits of texting is that you can set up auto replies based on keywords. For example, you can tell your customers and prospects to type in the word “deal” to a given phone number and then auto-text them a special offer code if they type in that word. It’s an excellent way to generate new leads and enter into that texting relationship.

Customer Support

Texting can be a very beneficial addition to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. With text over SIP, your employees can send and receive text messages (texts and images) to and from existing business phone numbers. Messages that come from a familiar number are more likely to get read. No lost messages, no down time when someone is out sick!

Appointment reminders

Once a customer opts into text messaging from a business, that business can send appointment reminders—great for doctor’s offices, dentists, hair salons and more—and the recipient can simply reply back with various key pad options to either confirm, deny or start the process of rescheduling.

Sending photos

Picture messages, or MMS, can be a great asset for companies like insurance agencies, for instance, where a person can take a photo of their car following an accident. That type of immediate access to visual information simply wasn’t possible 10 years ago—and even five years ago, that same picture message would likely have been taken on someone’s personal mobile phone (not great for trackability).

What Are You Waiting For?

As you can see, there are many different ways that adding text support to a business phone line can be beneficial in building and maintaining customer relationships. Rather that one-off occurrences, text messages can now become completely integrated with every element of the CRM experience.

Make the Most of Asterisk SIP Trunking

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