Asterisk SIP Trunking is a part of a much larger family of SIP Services. QuestBlue Systems, Inc is our parent and this site is dedicated to users and IT managers that are in need of an instant SIP Trunk with no waiting via our 100% automated customer user portal.

With the QuestBlue ~ Asterisk SIP Trunking user portal you will have access to immediately add / provision your SIP Trunk, order DIDs in real-time from over 24,500 rate centers from the USA and around the world. Rates starting at $0.009 per minute and DID pricing at $0.50 each per month.  No long term agreement required, auto-refill with all major credit cards, high availability solutions.  Gain access to some of the deepest discounts in the wholesale market by working with our volume discounts.   Short Call Duration is accepted and we welcome Vici Dial, Go Auto Dial and many more.

Domestic Rates:



e911 and CNAM is an important part of the process of getting your system up and running.  We offer full e911 and CNAM support for all of our DIDs

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All DIDs start at $0.50 each per month.  This is for local and toll free DIDs.  International DIDs are also available for $14.95 per month

The customer user portal is 100% automated which will allow you to perform any administrative task for your account.  Add SIP Trunks in real time including telephone number porting, DID Ordering, Support Tickets.

Ask questions, get answers.  USA Support from Research Triangle Park North Carolina.  

Do you have a custom application?  We have a fully automated API for you to integrate to your applications, website or portal.

Our API allows you to fully duplicate our user portal and have your very own working system if you would like your end users to be able to order products and services

e911 / cnam

About us

Since 2007 our Asterisk SIP Trunking in the US & Worldwide has supplied its customers with more than just SIP Trunks, PBXs, or telephones. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of comprehensive product lines and infrastructure solutions, backed by a solid guarantee, fast and friendly service, and incredible sourcing capabilities. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence.  We operate out of a fully redundant data center.

New for 2017 years of development brings you QuBePBX  A GUI for Asterisk that allows custom branding, and all modules are FREE unlike other PBX GUI's on the market today.

No monthly costs.  All SIP Trunks are on a PPM Basis.  The price per minute starts at $0.009 and will go down with increased volume

Asterisk Servers Physical and Virtual

Physical Servers starting at $139.00/mo

Virtual Servers $24.95/mo

All of our Asterisk Servers are available usually within minutes of ordering.  The availability is determined on our orders and work load for that business day.  

Our Physical Servers are operating RAID, SAS 15K RPM Drives, and are pre-configured with Asterisk Free-PBX.  Automatic backup every night to our local SAN

Our Virtual Servers are available with Asterisk Free-PBX.  Automatic backup every night to our local SAN

Additionally we offer High Availability Servers with Asterisk Free-PBX.  Please note:  If you require the Free-PBX HA Nodes you are required to purchase the licence from Sangoma.

  • DID Cost: $0.50 ea per month
  • TF DID Cost: $0.50 ea per month
  • DID per minute: $0.009  *Lower rates available with volume discount
  • TF DID Rate per minute: $0.144
  • Directory Listing:  $.60 ea per month
  • vFax: $9.95 *Lower rates available with volume discount
  • ​International DIDs $14.95 per month
  • ​SIP Trunks: $0.00

​All SIP Trunks have unlimited channels and are pay per minute

Unlimited number if SIP Trunks in your portal

Support multiple SIP Trunks in one account


SIP Trunks


Asterisk SIP Trunking in the US / Worldwide offers a variety of standard warranties, extended warranties, on-site services and connected equipment insurance based on the type of product you purchased.